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Santoku knife - 13cm Maestro Evercut – Made In France

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Santoku knife - 13cm Maestro Evercut – Made In France
  • Santoku knife - 13cm Maestro Evercut – Made In France
  • Santoku knife - 13cm Maestro Evercut – Made In France
  • Santoku knife - 13cm Maestro Evercut – Made In France
  • Santoku knife - 13cm Maestro Evercut – Made In France
  1. |Description|

    A long lasting and extraordinary cutting ability

    This Made in France Maestro Evercut® santoku knife is recognized for its high quality. A revolutionary process is achieved by a state-of-the-art laser beam that fuses titanium carbide onto the edge of a steel blade resulting of a combination of steel's strength and flexibility with an extremely hard cutting edge. Created by experts of TB Groupe, this Evercut® process has received several awards. Evercut® knives last more than 300 times longer than conventional steel blades, scientifically proved!

    The most emblematic of the Japanese blades

    The santoku can be compared to Japanese chef knife. Its wide blade is proved to be easy to handle, multipurpose and allow to cut, mince or slice any food you want. The Made In France Evercut® santoku has the classic design of Forgé traditional knives mixed to the fluidity of Made In France contemporary shapes. It can be personalised up to 30 characters and is a wonderful gift for any one who loves cooking.

    The 5 strong points of this 13cm Evercut® Maestro santoku

    - Evercut treatment
    - High-end stainless steel
    - Made in France
    - Ergonomic, polymer handle
    - Dishwasher safe
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  3. |Use|
    The precise cut, the ideal blade size and superior ergonomics: your knife is a perfect partner for cutting all types of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish but also for dividing, slicing and cutting fillets. Plus more still.

    Use a wooden or plastic cutting board as a work surface to prepare your food. Rigid materials such as glass, ceramics, marble and stone are not advised.
    Do not use your EVERCUT® knife on porcelain tableware as it may be damaged.
    Unlike ceramic knives, which are structurally fragile, EVERCUT® knives are suitable for all culinary preparations.
    To prevent dents on the knife edge, do not chop.
    Avoid contact with bone surfaces.

    EVERCUT® knives are dishwasher safe. However, to maintain your knife’s original aspect, we recommend hand-wiping it with a wet sponge, drying it and storing it in its original box.

    Tarrerias-Bonjean gives the utmost attention to each knife. All items come with a unique serial number. Simply register it on www.evercut.fr at the time of purchase to benefit from our unlimited lifetime warranty. We will restore your EVERCUT® knife blade to its initial cutting condition free of charge if it is found to be defective – under the condition of normal use / proper care according to above instructions. Only the return shipping charges are at your own expense. Your satisfaction is our absolute priority.