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Steak knife 13cm - Maestro Idéal

(Code: 10120026)
59.90 €
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Steak knife 13cm - Maestro Idéal
  • Steak knife 13cm - Maestro Idéal
  • Steak knife 13cm - Maestro Idéal
  • Steak knife 13cm - Maestro Idéal
  1. |Descriptif|

    NITROX 56 HRC steel, 16% chrome

    Rich in chrome, the steel used for the manufacture of the Maestro IDEAL Made in France steak knife blade is highly resistant to corrosion. Its high carbon content (0.35%) also guarantees a hardness that makes it effective for sharp and precise cutting of all types of meats, raw or cooked. The material is sliced cleanly, without being torn or hung.

    A most elegant blade

    Designed by specialists from the Design & Creation division of French cutler Tarrerias-Bonjean, the Maestro IDEAL professional steak knife is the knife of meat lovers. It borrows the classic codes of Forgé knives by reinterpreting them for a more contemporary cutlery line. The sharp, sharp blade is perfect for slicing meat.

    The 5 highlights of the Maestro steak knife

    - Quality of NITROX steel
    - Ergonomic handle in POM
    - Made in France
    - Cutting all types of meat
    - Round mouthpiece for unparalleled comfort of use